Amelia Family Fishing Charters - Amelia Island, FL
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Amelia Family Fishing Charters trips are designed for families to enjoy quality time together. Fishing, boating, learning area history, sightseeing, and having fun together. All trips will be customized to your expectation, just let Capt. Keith know what type of charter you would like.



There’s nothing like spending a fun filled day on the water fishing with your kids.  Capt. Keith will ensure that everyone is having fun and catching fish! Taking your kids fishing is one of the BEST memories of quality time that you will share for years to come!
With kids on board I ensure we fish in the safe and protected areas of the inlet, bay area, and calm waters behind the islands.  We catch a lot of different species so it keeps it interesting.  Sharks are fun to catch; sometimes we will catch several different kinds of sharks in a single trip.  Just because we stay in safe areas does not mean we do not catch BIG fish.  I have had a lot of kids catch fish almost as big as they are! I would love to take your family out for a day and embark on a family fishing adventure!  I try hard to keep us on the fish that are biting even if it means moving around a lot hunting them down.  I guarantee we will catch fish!
3 HOURS - $350.00
2 HOURS - $250.00 (Afternoons Only)

I Love to fish the jetties!  This area we usually anchor the boat and put fresh shrimp, live blue crabs and fresh cut bait down on the bottom for our baits.  Sometimes we hook live baitfish through the lips and fish them on the surface with a float. Both tactics produce awesome fish strikes.  Off the bottom we fish for huge Redfish, Black Drum, Cobia, Sharks, Jacks, Blues, Whiting, sea Trout, and so many more different species.  Off the surface it is usually Kingfish, Cobia, Tarpon, Sharks, and big Jack Crevalle taking the baits.  This area and this type of fishing usually produce some of the largest fish of the day.
4 HOURS- $500.00



See Amelia Island from the water!  Our marshes and estuaries are absolutely beautiful with so many different birds and wildlife.  From Pelicans to Ospreys to Roseate Spoonbills to Great Blue Herons and Snowy Egrets to alligators to manatees, and so many more.  See Historic Fort Clinch with huge cannons pointed out into the inlet.  See the wild horses on Cumberland Island, see sailboats and big yachts cruising the Intracoastal Waterway. My favorite is to find a working shrimp boat off our coast and pull up behind it and watch the literally dozens of dolphins feeding and playing around the nets.  On a calm day it does not get any better than this!  Then on the way in stop and try our luck in one of my guaranteed to catch something fishing holes.
2 HOURS-$250.00
3 HOURS-$350.00
4 HOURS-$450.00